cropped-img_93721.jpg     At 10 years old, I arrived to the US not knowing a word of English. I was thrown into the second grade only knowing the ABCs and 1-2-3s. I became a master at the phrase, “I don’t know,” using it often as I was learning the English language.

After graduating from high school, I went on to college to pursue a dream my parents had set for me. Two years into college I realized becoming a doctor and working in the office was not what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

During my college years I attended motivational seminars. Through those seminars I found my true calling. Inspired and moved by a speaker I had just seen, it was at that moment when I knew that this was what I should be doing. I wanted to move and inspire others the way this speaker did for me.

After two years of college I dropped out and began taking on odd jobs. One of my jobs included working part time at UPS loading and unloading packages. During his time at UPS, I discovered one of my co-workers worked a part-time job for the airlines. She explained to me all the great benefits in working there. The one perk that captured my attention was the chance to fly anywhere in the world for free. I was sold.

I jumped on board and for the next nine years I traveled and saw many parts of the world, some of them the most exotic places where one can only dream about. My flights were first class sitting alongside of CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies surrounded by successful individuals in their respective fields. I modeled after the ones I admired and looked up to them by reading what they read, and dressed how they dressed.

During one of my international flights, I came across a seatmate who recommends to me the book “Rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This book inspired me to start a career in real estate. I invested my finances from my newly found career to buy rental properties. Little did I know I had come at a time when the real estate market was hitting a downfall. In a few short years I lost everything.

I found himself broke and was forced to move back into my parent’s basement. While sitting in my broken-down car in front of a coffee shop, reality hit me. I could barely afford a cup of coffee. I reached in my pocket and took out my last dollar bill. With the last dollar bill in my hand, I ask myself a question that later change my life. That question was: “how can I turn this dollar bill into a million dollars?”

I went on to reach a new level of success. I published four books, The Five laws, How to Overcome Anything, Procrastinator to Finisher, and HOPE. I went on to inspire colleagues at my work place by speaking to them about embracing change. You can look at me and have sympathy for all the years of life struggles I been through, or you can acknowledge my strength, admiration, and passion for life to not let anything hold me down.

My goal is to show you how to change your limiting beliefs, how to unleash your creativity mind, and how to overcome the fear of failure.

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