The bright light awakened me from a deep sleep. I looked at the clock and it read 5:00 am. Even though I had only slept a total of three hours, my mind and body were fresh and rejuvenated. The ray of light streaming through the window gave me the strength I needed to face the new day. I was ready to tackle and take on any challenges that life threw at me.

That feeling would not have been possible if I had been in Minnesota. You see, that February morning I was waking up in tropical temperatures of sixty-five and sunny, in the beautiful state of Florida. In Minnesota I would have been greeted by subzero temperatures outside my window.

A smile spread across my face as I sat up in bed. I thought to myself how wonderful and prosperous I would be if I lived in Florida. I get this same feeling every morning when the sun hits my face. My body and soul is like a plant, and I needed the sunlight to nurture and grow. My body needed to be exposed to the sun and the ocean. The elements of life, in this case the elements of success.

Why hadn’t I unleashed this energy during my twenty plus years in Minnesota? Can a new environment make that big of a difference? Oh, yes it can. Take a house plant from a shadowy corner and move it next to the sunlight and watch it flourish. Your mind and body are the same way. All I needed was a change of location and I flourished. I felt a great sense of strength within me. And it wasn’t just the energy, along with it a newfound confidence arrived, a confidence to take on the world.

Discover what moves you. What gives you great strength? Does the ocean give you the energy to do the things you love? Do you enjoy traveling to new and exotic places? Or maybe you prefer snow, because you enjoy winter sports. Whatever it is, step outside your comfort zone and begin to experience that life. Once your mind and soul are in harmony, you will have the power to move you toward your goals faster.

Until next time, I wish you great health, happiness, and a prosperous year! We’ll talk soon.