What does “least resistance” mean? My definition would be to act as if you cannot fail. Know what needs to be done and go after it wholeheartedly. We all know what needs to be done in order to be successful, but the one thing that stops us in our tracks is fear. I am guilty of that myself; I delayed many opportunities because of fear. Fear is crippling and it gets in the way of us reaching our goals. Once I removed fear from my life the path became much easier, just as the water flows downstream. But for it to be smooth I had to take that first step, and that was to act as if I could not fail. The hardest step is always the first step.

If my parents had not used and applied the art of least resistance, I would still be living in Vietnam. I was born in 1975, the fall of Saigon. Our family lived in a small village call Prey Chop, it sit near a coastal province, where it is situated in the Mekong Delta region of the southern part of Vietnam. Although it is located in Vietnam, many years ago this land was a part of the Khmer Empire which ruled most of Indochina many centuries ago. It is still home to many ethnic Khmer people. My family is one of them. When I was eight-year-old my family make a audacity decision. To escape Vietnam and Journey out to Thailand by foot.

My parents had gotten a glimpse of what life would be like for us if we were to stay in Vietnam, and they saw that there would be no future for us. They also got a glimpse of what life would look like once we made it to America. We could grow and pursue our dreams. America was the place that could give us that freedom. It was that glimpse of America that gave them the strength and the passion to take that first step to the unknown. Take that first step, practice the art of least resistance.

This excerpt taken from The Five Laws. To read more click here.

Until next time, I wish you great health, happiness, and a prosperous year!